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Veterinary Technician – training and careers

Secure your future – start a career as a Veterinary Technician!
Train for career that’s in high demand. According to the U.S. Department of Labor,
employment of Veterinary Technicians is expected to grow much faster than
average.  Pet owners are becoming more affluent and more willing to pay for
advanced medical care because many of them consider their pet to be part of the
family.  This growing affluence and view of pets will continue stimulate increased
employment growth for Veterinary Technicians.

Owners of pets and other animals expect state-of-the-art veterinary care. To provide
this service, veterinarians use the skills of Veterinary Technicians to perform many
of the same duties for a veterinarian that a nurse would for a physician. This may
include routine laboratory and clinical procedures. Veterinary Technicians typically
conduct clinical work in a private practice under the supervision of a veterinarian.
Veterinary Technicians often perform various medical tests along with treating and
diagnosing medical conditions and diseases in animals.  Duties may include:
- Performing laboratory tests
- Assisting with dental exams
- Preparing tissue samples
- Taking blood samples
- Assisting in a variety of other tests and analyses

There are primarily two levels of education and training for entry to this occupation:
a 2-year program for Veterinary Technicians and a 4-year program for Veterinary
Technologists. Most entry-level Veterinary Technicians have a 2-year degree,
usually an associate’s degree, from an accredited community college program in
veterinary technology in which courses are taught in clinical and laboratory settings.
Depending on the state, Veterinary Technicians are credentialed as Licensed
Veterinary Technicians (LVTs), Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVTs), or
Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs).

If you love animals and get satisfaction from working with and helping them, a career
as a Veterinary Technician may be right for you. Training and certification as a
Veterinary Technician can provide you with a path to greater job security, personal
satisfaction and financial reward.
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