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Ultrasound Technician – training and careers

Secure your future – start a career as an Ultrasound Technician!
Healthcare professionals are in high demand and schools specializing in training for
Ultrasound Technicians (also known as diagnostic Medical Sonographers) offer
graduates the opportunity to start an exciting and rewarding career.  According to
the Bureau of Labor, employment for Ultrasound Technicians is expected to grow
much faster than average through the year 2014.

Ultrasound is the practice of using sound waves to develop an image of areas within
a patient’s body. Ultrasound procedures are considered much safer than alternative
methods (such as X-rays and MRIs). Ultrasound Technicians work with patients and
use ultrasound equipment to obtain diagnostic images.

Specialized training for Ultrasound Technicians is offered by technical schools,
colleges and universities. Ultrasound Technician programs offer basic certificates,
two-year Associate degrees and/or four-year Bachelor degrees. Courses at
ultrasound schools generally provide a background in anatomy, physiology,
instrumentation, physics, patient care, and medical ethics. Clinical work includes an
exposure to using ultrasound equipment in one or more different ultrasound
specialties. Completing a training program at an ultrasound school and obtaining
certification from the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers will
provide an advantage in seeking the best jobs.

Hospitals employ the vast majority of Ultrasound Technicians, but a growing number
of Ultrasound Technicians will work in other settings such as physician’s offices,
medical and diagnostic laboratories and diagnostic imaging centers.  As the
population grows and ages, the demand for diagnostic imaging and Medical
Sonographers will increase significantly.

Training and
certification as an Ultrasound Technician can provide you with a path to
greater job security, responsibility and financial reward.
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