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Theology and Divinity degrees

Enrich your life and renew your spirituality - earn a degree in Theology
The quest to find meaning in the study of life and the relationship between God and
the universe is the foundation for the field of Theology. Theology schools provide
courses in religious study as well as the elements associated with integrity, social
justice, moral values and spiritual principles.

A major in Theology or Divinity studies is organized around the belief that a fully
human life includes response in faith to God, and that the corresponding principals
of faith and reason are the means by which one explores life's mystery and
meaning. Theology students are introduced to various aspects of religious tradition
in order to understand it more deeply and to reflect upon its ongoing significance
for life.  The Theology and Divinity majors are designed for those interested in
various church ministries, graduate school, or in personal enrichment.

Theology graduates will be positioned to pursue a career in the Clergy and conduct
religious worship and perform other spiritual functions associated with beliefs and
practices of their religious faith or denomination. They will learn the skills necessary
to provide spiritual and moral guidance and assistance to members of the
congregation, ministry or religious organization.

Theology degree curriculums integrate the liberal arts, spiritual instruction and
career preparation. The programs provide opportunities for students to enhance
their spirituality and professional excellence. Many Theology schools are now
offering flexible degree programs which enable students to attend classes
on-campus and online. Some institutions offer students the opportunity to earn
either their Bachelors or Masters Degree in Theology entirely online and with out
any campus requirements. Most organizations are fully accredited and some offer
financial aid to those who qualify.

Whether you are currently working in a religious institution and seeking to enhance
your Theological studies or looking to renew your faith and experience a new surge
of spiritual growth - now is the time to earn a degree in Theology or Divinity.



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