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Teacher Assistant – training and careers

Begin your career in education - become a Teacher Assistant.
Demand for Teacher Assistants is predicted to increase and as school districts
continue to report a shortage of teachers, the need for skilled Teacher Assistants
continues to rise.

Teacher Assistants (also known as Teacher Aides) positions require at minimum a
High School Diploma or GED. A Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate is
the first step in the education career path.  The certificate can be utilized to further
your education at the college level, or ultimately earn a Bachelors Degree in
Education. Many schools offer courses online and on-campus. Books, training
material and software are normally included with the curriculum. Areas of study
generally include the following:
-  Classroom communication skills
-  Instructional methods and techniques  
-  Technology’s role in the modern classroom  
-  Assisting students with special needs  
Teacher Assistants can find employment opportunities in public schools, head-start
programs, pre-schools, child-care centers and schools with religious affiliation.  A
Teacher Assistant will work with a lead teacher to provide children with the
individual attention they require.  The Teacher Assistant will encourage social,
emotional, and intellectual development for the students, and foster a desire for
new experiences.  Teacher Assistants can work part time, full time or as
substitutes.  Working as a Teacher Assistant can provide you with the benefit of a
flexible work schedule and be an entry-level step into the education profession.

Now is the time to begin making a difference in a child's life.  Take an important
step in securing your future - learn the skills necessary to become a Teacher
Begin your career in Education.      Learn the skills necessary for
becoming a Teacher Aide.  Visit our Featured School to learn more...
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