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Tips for creating a winning Resume
With a little extra effort, you can create a resume that makes you really stand out as a superior
candidate for a job you are seeking. Here are some tips for creating a powerful resume to get
the job you want:
Resume Headline: The Resume Headline section is one of the most important sections in the
resume. When hiring managers search resumes, they often look for a Headline to decide
whether or not to view the resume. It's best to include the specific job title you're pursuing
along with two or three of your top credentials or

Career Objective: Hiring managers are busy people. A single job posting can attract
thousands of resumes. To get noticed, create a Career Summary or a Career Objective
section. The goal of this section is to develop a hard-hitting introductory summary packed with
your most sought-after skills, abilities, accomplishments and attributes.

Employment History: Hiring managers have love-hate relationships with resumes. They need
resumes to find candidates to fill job openings, but they often have to wade through piles of
poorly written work histories. If you give a hiring manager the information needed to make a
quick decision about your credentials, you will have an edge over other the competition. Use
bullet points to summarize your accomplishments.

Power Keywords: Several years ago, no one had even heard of keywords, yet they're nothing
new. Previously known as buzzwords, keywords are words specific to a particular industry or
profession and are vital elements in your job search. Power Keywords communicate multiple
skills and qualifications. Keywords are also the backbone for Resume scanning technology.
Be sure to use Keywords the Career Summary and Job Descriptions sections of your Resume.

Use Numbers to Highlight Accomplishments: Use numbers to quantify your
accomplishments by giving them a context that helps the reviewer understand the degree of
difficulty involved in the task or responsibility. Numbers are powerful resume tools that will
help you draw to your accomplishments the attention they deserve from prospective
employers. With just a little thought, you can find effective ways to quantify your successes on
your resume.

Education: Whether you're a Harvard-educated MBA or recently obtained your GED, use your
resume's education section to outshine your competition. Consider including your GPA and
Include academic honors to show you excelled in your program. Students and new grads with
little related work experience may use the education section as the centerpiece of their
resumes, showcasing academic achievements, extracurricular activities, special projects and
related courses.

Additional Information: The Additional Information section is optional, but you can use it to
help you secure more job interviews. Use it as your last chance to make a strong statement
about your credentials, skills and qualifications.
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