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How much should I expect to pay for a Life Experience degree?
The fee for an approved degree varies with each college or university. Generally the
range is from $400 to $700. Some institutions offer discounts to Alumni or students
seeking multiple degrees. Review the website for the schedule of fees, charges and
promotional offers.
Are all Life Experience degrees the same price?
Again, this varies with each intuition. Some have one fee regardless of degree level
– Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.  Other schools have separate fees for each
degree level. There is usually an applicable shipping charge associated with the
degree.  Check the website carefully and review the schedule of fees.

Are the degrees legal and is it legal for me to mention it on my resume?
Yes, your degree is perfectly legal and can be included on your resume or CV.
However, you need to be aware that a potential employer or institution may require
a degree from a school recognized by a Regional or National

Do I get a transcript and what does it say as far as grades?
A student record or transcript is normally provided with the degree and includes all
relevant courses. Grades are not used and Pass / Fail will appear on the transcript.

Will my Employer have a Problem with my Life Experience Degree?
Between 5 and 10 percent of people do experience some difficulty because of life
experience credit, or a non-traditional transcript, but this means that 90-95 percent
have no problem when it comes to job placement or career advancement.

Will these institutions stand by me if an employer calls for verification?
Some online college and universities provide third party verification for employment
purposes via a fax number or mailing address. The information provided is usually
the Degree and the Date of Graduation. A copy of the transcript is also a possible
option for a fee depending on the school. If this information is not posted on the
website, check with a customer service representative to see if verification services
are provided.
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