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Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Coding Specialist - training and careers

The formula for your success – become a Medical Coding Specialist!
Healthcare professionals are well paid and in high demand.  According to the
Department of Labor, employment of medical records and health information
specialists is expected to grow much faster than average.  Specialists with a strong
background in Medical Coding and Billing will be in particularly high demand. A
career as a Medical Coding Specialist (MCS) offers the opportunity for an exciting
and rewarding occupation in the healthcare industry.  

Medical Coding Specialists provide billing and administrative support to physicians,
hospitals and insurance companies. They identify medical procedures to ensure
accurate billing and correct reimbursement. Medical Coding Specialists can find
career opportunities in Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Clinics, and Insurance
companies. Many Medical Coders go on to further their careers in office
management and medical business administration.  An increasing number of
Medical Coding and Billing Specialists work from home-based offices as
independent contractors, or freelancers. Self-employed Medical Coding and Billing
Specialists, or freelancers, usually work the benefits of a flexible work schedule.

Schools specializing in healthcare training for Medical Coding Specialists generally
provide students with job placement assistance and financial aid to those who

As insurance and governmental regulations become more complex and as the US
population ages, the demand for Medical Billing and Coding professionals
continues to rise.  Starting a career as a Medical Coding Specialist can be an
important step towards achieving your goals and securing your future!
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