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Massage Therapy - schools and careers

The future is in your hands with a career as a Massage Therapist
Train for a career that’s in-demand.  Whether your dream is to work in a Medical
Facility, Resort, Spa, Fitness Center, Doctor’s office or Cruise Ship – the training
you receive at a Message Therapy school can help you to achieve your goal.
Degree and non-degree programs are normally available. Programs include
concentrations in Massage Therapy, Advanced Therapeutic Massage, Massage
& Physical Fitness and Medical Massage.

Many schools specializing in Massage Therapy training have fully accredited
programs and provide graduates with internships and job placement assistance.
Some schools also offer financial aid to those who qualify. Graduates are
prepared to enter an exciting career working with Resorts, Spas, Cruise Lines,
Physicians or Chiropractors. If you always wanted to be your own boss - you may
even choose to start your own Massage Therapy practice. Graduation from a
Massage Therapy school you will give you the tools you need to succeed as a
massage practitioner.

According to the Department of Labor, increased interest in alternative medicine
and holistic healing will mean more opportunity for those skilled in massage
therapy. Employment for Massage Therapists is expected to increase faster than
average as more people learn about the benefits of massage therapy. In
addition, massage therapy’s growing acceptance by medical providers and
insurance companies will greatly improve employment opportunities.

Beginning a career as a Massage Therapist can be an important step towards
securing your future.






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