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Middle / High School Teacher – Education and Careers

Provide the pathway to education - become Middle/High School Teacher.
Unprecedented growth in the student population combined with teacher retirement
has created an in-demand job market for education professionals.  Most High School
and Middle School teachers hold single subject credentials.  This prepares the
educator to teach in a specific subject.  The educator must be skilled in methods of
teaching, and have the ability to instruct students with diverse backgrounds and

Middle School also known as Junior High School generally encompasses sixth
through eighth grade and is the turning point for most students.  A middle school
teacher can prepare students for the learning experiences that lie ahead.

High School also called Secondary School usually includes grades nine through
twelve.  This is the time for teachers to inspire a lifelong love of learning in their
students.  A High School teacher can motivate students to continue their education
and pursue a college degree.

Education requirements are a Bachelor's Degree from an
accredited institution with a
major in your subject specialty. Specific subject areas include mathematics, social
studies, biology, chemistry, language arts, music and art.  Credentials for teaching
include demonstration of subject matter and teaching skills. Many colleges and
universities offer education curriculum on campus and online.  A semester in student
teaching will give you the opportunity for classroom instruction while earning your
degree.  Teaching in the classroom will increase your level of expertise within your
subject major. Many teachers advance their career by pursing a Master's Degree
and increasing their earning potential.

A career in teaching is clearly the key for you to utilize your skills and knowledge to
prepare students to be creative thinkers, problem solvers, and encourage the
highest level of achievement.  A rewarding career in the education profession awaits
you - become a Middle or High School Teacher.
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