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High School Diploma and GED Information
What is an on-line GED?
If you want to earn your high school diploma, but don't have time to attend regular
classes or feel you're too old or it's too late to go back to school - an online high
school General Equivalency Diploma (GED) can be a solution.
A variety of personal circumstances may have kept you from finishing high school.
Online GED programs give students a second chance to graduate and earn a
diploma. Many schools have regionally and nationally
accredited distance
education programs that let you study and learn at home. You can select from
numerous self-paced courses. You take only the courses you need to graduate,
without disrupting your job, your family life, or your leisure activities. Specific
admissions information varies by school or institution – check the websites for
details and pricing information.

How does it work?
The objective is to enable students to earn a high school diploma while studying at
home. Whether pursuing a transition to the workforce or a post-secondary
education, students can complete each course while maintaining job and/or family
responsibilities.  In general, the process works as follows:

1.  You may enroll by visiting the Enrollment page of the website. Once there, you
may choose to print a copy of the Enrollment Agreement, request one by mail, or
enroll online.

2.  You choose either the General Diploma Program or the Academic Diploma
program if you plan to pursue a college education after obtaining your high school
GED. If you've already completed some high school, send your transcript and the
school will evaluate any possible transfer credits.

3.  Depending on your education level - you may enroll in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or
12 grades. After your transcript has been evaluated, the school will work with you
to set up the courses you need to graduate. Some will be required; others will be
electives you choose.     
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Why get an online GED?
A high school diploma can provide important benefits. It's a credential that may
help open doors to broader, more meaningful career choices. And think of the
positive impact it could have on your pride and self-esteem: that you've done
something that so many millions of others have done before you. In short, a GED
diploma could help you realize your dreams for a better life, while also helping you
gain greater control over your future.
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