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Financial Planner - Training and Careers

Put your career on the fast track as a Certified Financial Planner
Why would you pick a career in financial planning? It’s consistently voted as one of
the nation’s top careers - based on high rankings for the profession’s income,
employment, security, and other criteria. You can expect this trend to continue as
aging baby boomers seek assistance to manage their money, plan for their children’s
education, and invest for their own retirement. It seems students also seem to be
accounting college more to combat this trend in what seems like a booming
job market.

Personal financial planners can elect to obtain the Certified Financial Planner
credential, often referred to as CFP. The CFP
certification demonstrates to potential
clients and employers that a financial adviser has extensive training and competency
in all areas of financial planning. The CFP certification is issued by the Certified
Financial Planner Board of Standards. It requires relevant experience, the completion
of education requirements, the passage of a comprehensive examination, adherence
to a code of ethics and periodic re-certification through continuing

Areas of study focus on the main topics tested on the national CFP Certification
Examination. You’ll fulfill the education requirements for the CFP certification, plus
gain insights into client-centered, problem-solving skills giving you a solid foundation
of financial planning knowledge. You’ll be able to better counsel clients with a deep
understanding of all the components of financial planning - from
tax and investments
to retirement and estate planning.

Financial planning is more than a rewarding career - for many professionals it’s their
passion. There’s no better way to advance your career than to earn your Financial
Planner certification. The time to accelerate your career is now.
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