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School Administrator Careers

Advance your career – become an Education Administrator.
The demand for highly qualified School Administrators is on the rise. The efficient
operation of educational institutions requires competent administrators. Education
Administrators (also known as School Administrators) provide instructional
leadership as well as manage the day-to-day activities in schools by supervising
teachers, counselors, librarians, coaches, and other support staff.

Principals are educational administrators who manage elementary, middle, and
secondary schools. They set the academic tone and hire, evaluate, and help
improve the skills of teachers and other staff. They visit classrooms, observe
teaching methods, review instructional objectives, and examine learning materials.
They actively work with teachers to develop and maintain high curriculum
standards; develop mission statements, and set performance goals and objectives.

Assistant Principals are educational administrators who aid the principal in the
overall administration of the school. Some assistant principals hold this position for
several years to prepare for advancement to principal jobs; others are career
assistant principals. They are primarily responsible for scheduling student classes,
ordering textbooks and supplies, and coordinating transportation, custodial,
cafeteria, and other support services.

Most Education Administrators begin their careers in related occupations, often as
teachers, and prepare for advancement into education administration by
completing a master’s or doctoral degree. In most public schools, principals,
assistant principals need a master’s degree in education administration or
educational leadership. Most States require principals to be licensed as School
Administrators. License requirements vary by State, but nearly all States require
either a master’s degree or some other graduate-level training.

The shortage of educators in the school system has created a critical need for
dedicated and innovative School Administrators. Strong educational
administration, more than ever, is being seen as a key to successful schools. Now
is the time to advance your career - acquire the skills necessary to become an
Education Administrator.
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