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Culinary Arts - training and careers

Serve up a new career in the Culinary Arts!
Do you have a passion for cooking? If the answer is yes, you can earn a degree at
a Culinary Institute which can help put you on the road to success.

The food service industry is enjoying impressive growth as cruise ships,
restaurants, hotels, resorts and other enterprises expand staffs to satisfy a public
that has re-discovered the art of fine dining. As a result, enrollment in culinary
schools is booming. Many of these institutions are fully accredited and provide
graduates with internships and job placement assistance.

Graduates are prepared to begin positions such as a cook, apprentice chef or
kitchen manager working in settings such as restaurants, bakeries, banquet
facilities, hotels, resorts and cruise ships.  Many graduates go on to pursue career
opportunities in the following areas:

- Dietary Cook
- Executive Chef
- Baking / Pastry Chef
- Catering Management
- Restaurant Management
- Food Preparation Management

Some chefs and cooks go into business as caterers or personal chefs or they
open their own restaurant. Others become instructors in culinary training
programs. A number of cooks and chefs advance to executive chef positions or
food service management positions, particularly in hotels, clubs, or larger, more
elegant restaurants where they may oversee operations in a number of kitchens
or restaurants.

Whether you are interested in an entry-level position or looking to improve your
culinary management skills - you too can start a rewarding and high-paying
career in the food service industry!






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