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Criminal Justice – Training and Careers

Secure your future with a career in Criminal Justice
The world situation has become more dangerous and unstable since the terrorist
events of September 2001. As a result, an increasing emphasis on homeland security
has created an unprecedented demand for Criminal Justice and Security specialists.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, by the year 2010 there will be more than
a 29% increase in the demand for Criminal Justice professionals. This includes FBI
Officers, Police Officers, Private Detectives, U.S. Customs Agents and many others.
Earning a Criminal Justice degree can help open new doors in these professions.
Graduates of Criminal Justice programs are well prepared to enter many exciting
careers such as:
- Detective
- FBI Agent
- Forensic Scientist
- Homeland Security Agent
- National Security Agent
- Police Officer
Private Investigator
- Security Analyst
- Airport Security Officer
- ATF Agent
- CIA Agent
- Corrections Officer
- Crime Scene Investigator
- Criminologist
- Customs Agent
- DEA agent
Criminal Justice degree programs can be directed towards current law enforcement
professionals seeking career advancement or individuals looking to enter the rapidly
expanding field of Criminal Justice.  Criminal Justice programs provide a solid
knowledge base in the areas of law enforcement and corrections.  The programs also
provide graduates with a fundamental understanding of criminal law and procedure,
the components of the Criminal Justice system, and to teach basic management and
administrative skills needed for career development. Many learning institutions now
offer flexible Criminal Justice degree programs which enable students to attend
classes online and on-campus. In addition, classes are offered on weekends allowing
students to work while they pursue a degree.

If you are seeking to advance your Criminal Justice career in law enforcement,
private security, or corrections or to pursue entry-level opportunities, graduation from
a Criminal Justice program can help meet your career goals. The time to advance
your career is now – learn to skills necessary to become Criminal Justice professional.
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